Disney Princess Themed Temporary Tattoo Kit

Temporary Tattoos of Princess Characters

Each tattoo kit comes with over 200 assorted temporary tattoos ! Representing a variety of favorite Disney princess characters.

Gifts or Party Favors and Activity For Parties

Disney Princess Themed Temporary Tattoos KitThis can be a great gift for a Disney princess fan who enjoys applying and wearing temporary tattoos . Or liven up a birthday party or other event by handing out temporary tattoos to all the guests and have fun helping each other apply the tattoos to faces, arms, feet, etc. Take it one step further by taking a picture with a digital camera of each guest showing his/her tattoo, load the pictures onto your computer and print out a picture for each guest to take home for a memory of a great party.

Disney princess theme not quite right for the party you have in mind? Click here and do a quick search to find the right temporary tattoo theme for you.

If the Disney princess theme is just what you want, or if you want to see more info for that item first, you can use the button below to go straight to the Disney Princess Themed Temporary Tattoo Kit information page to see the price and any other details.

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