How to Draw Drawing a Simple Symmetrical Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Design

How to Draw a Butterfly to Use as a Tattoo Design

Drawing a Simple Symmetrical Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Design

Drawing a Simple Symmetrical Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Design

The video above walks you through the drawing of a butterfly , starting with the very first line. Draw along, pausing the video as needed until you know how to draw this butterfly shape. The maker of the video says: If you would like me to draw you a custom design, please go to the following link and fill in a request form:

Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Inspiration or to Buy Ready-Made Temporary Tattoos one at a time or in bulk:

Butterfly 7 Temporary Tattoo Butterfly 7 Temporary Tattoo – Choose the size temp tattoo you want, from 1 1/2 inches to 4 1/2 inches in size. Buy just one or a quantity. The more you buy in a same order – the lower the price! Great for party favors and other occasions where you need multiple tattoos of the same design.

If you want to try different tattoo designs and be able to change those often or will want to change to a different tattoo look every once in awhile, or if you only want to show a tattoo for a special event or occasion then remove the tattoo, then temporary tattoos are the answer for that.

Temporary Tattoos of Butterflies to buy online.
Click on any tattoo design to see more about that one:

How To Draw A Butterfly Landing On A Flower!
This is a ”drawing tutorial video” teaching how to draw a butterfly, with a butterfly profile landing on a daisy flower. You can draw a butterfly for a butterfly project …

How To Draw a Butterfly
How to draw a butterfly by Jonathan Harris. I first sketch out one side (wing) of the butterfly and then once I´m happy with it I then trace over it and flip …

More Videos About Butterfly Tattoos

Behind the Ink: Popo Tattoos Skull, Butterfly and Roses on Loyal Client (Tattoo Lou´s – St. James)
Having been tattooed by Popo before, Lorin decided it was time to continue working on the same arm the standout St. James artist started on.

The Skull Butterfly Tattoo
Maker of this video says: My mom wanted to do this tattoo for a long time and finally was able to!

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