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How to Draw a Butterfly With Pastel

How to Draw a Butterfly With Pastel

How to Draw a Butterfly With Pastel

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Pastel Pencil Butterfly
Watch as I create this card using Faber Castell Design Memory Craft pastel pencils and watercolor pencils.

Pastel Pencils set of 12Pastel Pencils set of 12Precise and exact–Cretacolor Pastel Pencils are the perfect choice for all detail work in pastel.

These are essentially the Pastell Carre Hard Pastels in pencil form, with the same brilliance and lightfastness.

The advantage of the pencils is that they can be sharpened to a point for fine details.

Like the Pastell carre, colors can be mixed and smudged.

Available in tins of 12 or 24 colors.

Draw a Butterfly in Pastel Pencils Preview
Learn to Draw this Beautiful Butterfly using Pastel Pencils and ColinĀ“s tutorial. Watch the full course on his website: http://www.colinbradleyart.co.uk/

Drawing & Cartoons : How to Draw a Butterfly in Soft Pastels
To draw a butterfly using soft pastel pencils, create the outline in any desired color, block in large areas of color for the wings, and add detail using the …

How to Draw and Color a Realistic Look Butterfly

Learn a really cool illustration technique to achieve a realistic likeness using mixed media! The artist mixed pencil, illustration marker, colored pencil and oil paint to illustrate the butterfly.
Website of the Artist: http://merrillk.com

Want to try drawing butterflies in a cartoon style … or in a black and white tribal style that is similar to a bold stencil look? See the links below.

Another video tutorial you might like is:  How to draw a cartoon butterfly easy  <-- Click that link to see it. Another Butterfly Style to Draw: How to Draw a Basic Tribal Butterfly Style

Drawing: How To Draw Cartoon Butterfly. Easy Step by Step Tutorial Video

Drawing: How To Draw Cartoon Butterfly. Easy step by step tutorial for kids or any age!

Drawing: How To Draw Cartoon Butterfly.  Easy step by step tutorial for kids!

http://www.youtube.com/user/DoodleDrawArt – How to draw a cartoon butterfly. An easy lesson for drawing cartoon butterflies How to Draw|Drawing …

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    Real Life Facts About Butterflies
    What do butterflies eat? Well, to answer that question, first we need to know that flowers produce a sweet honeydew-like liquid, which is found inside the bulb of the flowers. It is called nectar and is the main source of food for butterflies. This nectar, which is high in sugar content, gives energy to the butterfly when flying.

    Because a butterfly does not have a mouth to chew with, it has a long antennae-like straw instead, that is called a proboscis, which it uses to suck nectar from the flower. Did you know that a butterfly first tastes its food – the nectar – with its feet? It does. It lands on the flower and tastes the nectar with its feet before it begins to drink the sweet liquid.

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