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Fun Lollipop Shapes For Decorating Party Cakes

Jai's Lollipop Cake
Quick and colorful way to decorate a cake!Oh, Sugar! (Destini Hinkle) / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Lollipops are a favorite with kids but does anyone ever really outgrow the enjoyment of a delicious lollipop treat?

Lollipops not only come in a wide array of flavors but they are also made in more shapes than you might ever have imagined. This makes lollipops a great candy choice for using as part of the decorations for theme parties or events.

For instance, red lobster shaped would be great for an event that is related in some way to the sea, boating or fishing or as a candy spoof seafood gift for someone who loves to eat seafood.

How about red, white and blue star shape lollipops for a patriotic event or 4th of July party? These would look great with one lollipop stuck in each party cupcake as a quick and effective decoration.

Unicorn horn colors red lollipop For a fantasy party of any kind, how about a unicorn horn shaped lollipop? This would be great for any children ’s party, as well, for an unusual candy treat! The one shown here is red and white swirled and even has a hint of glimmer (to simulate the magic that the story books all imagine unicorns possess). These would work well also for patriotic parties, Christmas, birthdays, for party favors and for dressing up dessert tables.

A shape often sought after for many types of events and uses would be the heart shape. Often used for wedding decorations, favors and used in various ways for different kinds of parties, gatherings and for gifts.

See what other interesting shapes you can find in lollipops.. click here and then type in a keyword followed by the word lollipop (for example: _____ lollipop, such as alligator lollipop) and see what you find, just for the fun of it. You might just find a new-to-you shape that you can use as your new favorite for party favors or for decorating cakes or other party food for your next event, gathering or special party.

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