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Unicorn Pops Lollipop

lollipop unicorns colors blue pink purple

Blue, Pink and Purple Unicorn Pop

These are shaped like a unicorn horn and are available in a variety of color choices. Shown above are the blue, pink and purple colors. These are the larger unicorn lollipops, which are each about 8 inches tall. Unicorn lollipops also come in 10 inch, 12 inch and taller.

You can buy unicorn lollipops in bulk, which are great for events, any kind of party, for example. Learn More

lollipops unicorn 5 colors black brown red orange yellow
Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow Unicorn Pop

For those times when a smaller version of the unicorn lollipop will fit your plans better, Mini Unicorn Pops may be just right. These may be the perfect addition to favor bags, display tables, and candy buffets. Satisfy every sweet tooth during events such as Christmas parties, wedding celebrations, or Valentine’s Day events with unique candies.

They are in bright colors and shaped like a unicorn horn. They come packaged as 24 pieces to a package and are individually wrapped, so you can give them out one at a time.

Choosing Party Favors For Different Occasions

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One of the most important decisions you will have to make to ensure a successful celebration is to choose the right party favor. Unique party favors make parties and events exciting. This article gives you an idea on choosing them for different occasions.

Favor selection depends on the party theme:

Theme of the party acts like a guide for selecting party favors and confines the range of your choices. Picking up the right favors that blend well with the theme enhances the identity and character of the party. A favor and its use should match with the theme. For instance, a glow-themed night party should include various light-up items like flashing toys , glow sticks, and other glow products as party favors.

Choose favors to reflect the occasion:
Party favors should reflect the occasion or represent the purpose of celebration. Among many other things, the type of event is the important aspect to be considered while choosing party favors. The favor options therefore vary for different occasions such as weddings, baby showers, graduations, retirements, birthday parties, holiday parties, etc. So, when planning to host a party, it’s recommended to focus on the purpose of the party that eases your favor selection.

Party favors for various parties

As said, party favors vary with theme as well as occasion. Have a look at certain party favor ideas for different occasions.

Kids love to have fun at birthday parties. Candies, paper hats, flashing toys , glow sticks, bouncing balls, pens and crayons, and spinning tops are best birthday party favors.

The wedding favors are given by the bride and groom to guests to show appreciation and regards for their presence at that special moment. Attractive photographs, personalized candles, shot glasses, gift boxes, etc. include some of the elegant favors at wedding parties.

A Halloween party can be fantastic and entertaining with ‘scary’ favors like miniature pumpkins, Dracula teeth, flashing mouthpieces, devil horns, skull and bone necklaces , etc.

Miniature American flags or wind socks serve as the best patriotic party favors at Labor Day and 4th of July celebrations.

Anything from baby bottles, cute ceramics, teddy bears, scented candles, flower pots or vases, and fortune cookies can be given as party favors at baby shower.

However, the list of favors for any occasion is endless and it even depends on your desire and creativity.

Party favors show a sense of gratitude:

It’s fun to give away party favors during the celebrations. As a host, it’s your responsibility to make your guest happy by offering party favors. They encourage your guests to get involved in the party. They entertain and please your guests. They also represent your appreciation and gratitude for the guests. Offering party favors not only reflects your interest in party arrangement, but also shows your personality and spirit.

Choose elegant party favors for your party and impress your guests. However, use creative and imaginary ideas, and personalize them to create unique effect.

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Disney Princess Themed Temporary Tattoo Kit

Temporary Tattoos of Princess Characters

Each tattoo kit comes with over 200 assorted temporary tattoos! Representing a variety of favorite Disney princess characters.

Gifts or Party Favors and Activity For Parties

Disney Princess Themed Temporary Tattoos KitThis can be a great gift for a Disney princess fan who enjoys applying and wearing temporary tattoos. Or liven up a birthday party or other event by handing out temporary tattoos to all the guests and have fun helping each other apply the tattoos to faces, arms, feet, etc. Take it one step further by taking a picture with a digital camera of each guest showing his/her tattoo, load the pictures onto your computer and print out a picture for each guest to take home for a memory of a great party.

Disney princess theme not quite right for the party you have in mind? Click here and do a quick search to find the right temporary tattoo theme for you.

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