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Things You Should Know About Emergency Preparedness Foods

7 Day Ultimate 
Emergency Meal Kit - Wise Food StorageShown on the right:
7 Day Ultimate Emergency Meal Kit – Wise Food Storage

Many people want to be prepared for an emergency situation. Various events could potentially interrupt the usual supply chain. For example, a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tornado, hurricane or flood would have the potential to prevent being able to obtain supplies through normal channels for a period of time. Food would be one of the essentials. If you have a supply of freeze dried food on hand, it could make a difference in survival.

When choosing an emergency food supplier, you want to look for quality and for foods with a long shelf life. A supplier that produces freeze dried foods (that can even be called gourmet) is Wise Foods, producing foods with an up to 25 year shelf life. Just add water!

Wise Company freeze dry and dehydrated foods:
  • Great tasting
  • High quality
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • Get a variety
  • Made in the USA

Their foods are easy to prepare by just adding water. So, ideally, you will want to have a plan for storing some drinking water also. Check the Wise Food site for water storage bricks and tanks solutions (look under Emergency Supplies on their site).

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Video Link: Marie Osmond Talks About Wise Company on Good Morning America

How can food last for up to 25 years? The moisture has to be removed with effective freeze drying or dehydrating methods. The type of packaging is important also.

Wise company uses a ultra-high barrier film for its packaging, designed to provide optimum protection for oxygen and moisture sensitive products with long shelf-life requirements. They also perform regular testing to ensure that its packaging meets or exceeds industry standards for quality.

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